Russia oil tanker

U.S customs and border protection (CBP) has blocked an oil tanker being shipped by Kazakh oil product from Russia a few miles to New Orleans’s Valero refinery to inspect if it is a Russian Origin, which was confirmed to be “Negative” by the spokesperson for the company that chartered it.

“I can confirm on the record that this cargo is not Russian origin” He said to a Local newspaper.

According to a trading source and shipping data, this happened after a week when there has been a shipping of intermediate oil products from Russia’s Taman Port to New Orleans which consist of Vacuum gasoil and fuel oil by the Vitol-chartered vessel company which vowed to adhere with the sanctions and have ceased trading Russian crude oil and will not engage in any of those product transactions unless otherwise.

This U.S sanction against Russia oil products has started after its invasion of neighbor Ukraine in Late February.

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