300 flights cancelled
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Multiple flights were cancelled at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) on July 4th because of cancelled planes, delayed planes, and air traffic congestion. This caused major delays for travellers as well as significant loss in revenue for local businesses.

On Sunday, a line of late-afternoon thunderstorms delayed planes in both directions. By 4:30pm, 184 flights had been delayed (15%). Of those, an estimated 90 departures were also delayed (15%), and 94 inbound planes (also 15%), according to Flightaware.

Delays at Charlotte airport as seen in a recent flight tracker data report included 172 flights departing from the airport, or 24% of scheduled departures. Thirty-three flights were cancelled.

Pilots across the country are in a panic after American Airlines computer glitch allowed dozens of pilot positions to be cancelled late Friday, leading to thousands of cancelled flights during the holiday weekend. As of Sunday, over 12 thousand flights had been left behind thanks to this issue. A shutdown ordered by Federal Aviation Administration officials has left thousands waiting for updates on when they can go home.

Over the weekend, it was announced that there were technical issues with the airline’s computer system and its flights could be disrupted. It wasn’t clear how many flights would be affected until after the statement from the airline was released. See what caused the issue below:

“Our pilot trip trading system experienced a technical issue,” according to the statement, certain trip trading transactions might have been able to be processed when it shouldn’t have been permitted.

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